no idea searching. No inventory. No risk. No pressure. No employment. very low entry fee. training by Cyfer. work time management. scaling facilities.

In line with our values of freedom, we have created the Cyfearn opportunity, a complete career plan with bonuses, passive income and incentives. Each customer can become an ambassador and represent the brand. He can create the income he wants, he will finally be paid at its fair value. No one will have an advantage over anyone else, everyone is on the same level.

Sharing Bonus

15% of the monthly turnover is shared among the members. The higher the growth, the higher the bonus.


Rank Bonus Pool

Tell your friends we exist and you will be eligible to earn a share of the watch sales.

Cyfer World takes 35% of all total global sales and places it in the Rank Bonus Pool. This is then divided into 14 portions for payment to qualified ambassadors.

Each pool represents 2,5% of monthly sales shared with all the qualified ambassadors of the rank.

The higher your rank, the more you are eligible to earn bonuses from different pools.

Once you reach a rank, you keep it for life. All bonuses earned will therefore be entirely passive.


Here are the requirements to be qualified for rank pool bonus.

The more positive impact you have on the development of the project, the more you will move up the ranks.

The “Freedom activist” in your network do not have to have been referenced by you but by a member of your network.

If you tell your friend about Cyfer, he buys a watch and joins the community, he becomes a “Freedom activist”. If your friend does the same with one of his friends, he will also become part of your network.