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Cyfer World does not fit into the traditional model, they wants to break the codes and define their own system of distribution.

Cyfer World is certainly the brand that is revolutionizing the way of consuming and acquiring. They focus on regaining freedom by distributing part of their profits to their customers directly in bitcoin.

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Most frequent questions and answers

You need to create a Cyfearn account with the exact same informations you gave at checkout. For this you need to find a sponsor, an already member of the community. If you don’t know one, send us a message and we’ll direct you to a sponsor near from you.

Every month, 50% of watch profits are distributed among Cyfer customers.

45% is used to cover company costs and the remaining 5% ​​is used to capitalize on bitcoin to support the ecosystem over the long term.

We only offer one watch model at a time. Indeed, these being produced on demand and made by hand, the delays are longer and the production is more expensive, each series is specific and unique. The most loyal customers will be graciously rewarded, the more watches the customer has, the more he will be entitled to a better reward.

The 2-year legal warranty applies, this concerns several defects :

  • The product does not match to the description given on the website.
  • The product have a manufacturing defect, imperfection, poor assembly.


Find out more on this link : Terms and conditions

You can send your request to support at the following address : support@cyferworld.com

They will respond to you as soon as possible.